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Coverage Area


Our office is located centrally in the 19th Judicial Circuit in the State of Florida. With confidence, we offer statewide and nationwide service as we have a network of trustworthy and reputable process servers.

Prompt Process Serving

If you need a private process server that can serve your documents anytime or anywhere, then you need to contact Boyd's 1 Stop Process Service, Inc. We offer RUSH service, where we attempt service within 3 days after receipt of documents.


If you request immediate service, we offer "SAME DAY" attempts in most of our coverage areas (additional charges apply)


Confidential Investigative Services

Our team of professionals get answers to your questions quickly and confidentially.


We also offer:

  • skip tracing

  • occupancy verification

  • diligent affidavits and more


If you need to locate someone our success rate is 83%



Professional Services

Have confidence hiring Boyd's 1 Stop Process, Inc. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We also have a professional team that gets results quickly.


Emails are monitored continuously to keep on top of incoming work, status requests on your documents, and any problems that may arise. We want you to be our satisfied client forever!

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